White Sands Missile Range Museum - Browse through the history of missile testing at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, to include the Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules.
see also NIKE Missiles & NIKE Missile Sites - History and information on the New York and New Jersey NIKE Missile sites with links and specifications.
30th Brigade (ADA) Okinawa - A website dedicated to Air Defense on Okinawa by Joseph J. Villademoros. It is a growing website, so visit and make your contribution to the memories and knowledge of Air Defense on Okinawa.
Col (Ret) George Evans' LA-78 Photos and His photos of the Fatal New Jersey Nike Ajax Site Accident - Col Evans was the Battery Commander at Nike site LA-78 in 1966 and later on the Battalion S-3.  LA-78 had some prime scenery and the photos capture this in a spectacular way.  And, most who served for any period with Nike, have heard of the tragic accident that happened at the Leonardo, New Jersey Nike Site.  The photos capture the distruction and horror of what happened there.
Fort Bliss Air Defense Artillery School is the home of the US Army Air Defense. All Nike operators and site maintenance personnel were trained at Fort Bliss. Additionally, all the Nike units deployed throughout the world were received their unit training here.
JP Moore's Red Canyon Range Camp website is dedicated to the men who lived and worked at the camp.  JP has put together a photographic story of the Camp and the people who lived and worked there.  He has collected photos from several sources and is a must see for those interested in the history of Nike and Air Defense.
Bill Shaw's Bristol, Rhode Island Nike website has lots of photos of the site over the years that it was operational.  It has photos of the area, equipment, and people who served there.  There are also several interesting stories written by some of those who were on guard around the clock for many years.  A great website to understand life on Nike sites around the country and the world.
Danny Carter's web page is dedicated to the veterans of B Battery 2nd Bn 56th ADA (Bravo). Bravo was a Nike Hercules missile site located in Landau i.d. Pfalz (1957-1983) on a hill called Ebenberg. Bravo is now dismantled and abandoned, but not forgotten.
The NIKE Site - Published by Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. Redstone was responsible for the development of the NIKE missile. The site includes dimensions, movies, photos, and other information on the NIKE missile from the late 1940s to early 1970s...
Bill Momsen's Installing Nike Hercules Missiles in Alaska gives a narative and pictorial look at the beginning of Nike Hercules at Site Summit, Alaska.
Jeral Sexton's Site Summit, Alaska - Nike Hercules - ADA "B" Battery History website documents the Nike Site, which was on the "The last frontier."  "The land of midnight sun."  "The last state to deactivate the Nikes."  The site was located in the rugged, mile high Chugach Mountains.
Northpoint Kaserne, Kriegsfeld, Germany a website for the 619th Ordnance Company, 23rd Ordnance Company, 571st Ordnance Company, 554th Military Police Company, 558th Military Police Company, 184th Ammo Company 2nd Platoon, 763rd Medical Detachment, Company E 102nd Signal Battalion, and Tech Site Three located at Northpoint Kaserne.
NIKE Missile Sites in Indiana - The defense of Chicago was vitally important to US Military planners, and NIKE missile sites were built in Indiana to defend Chicago and Gary, IN. Meanwhile, in southeast Indiana, NIKE bases were built to defend Cincinatti and Dayton;This site includes information and maps on all Indiana NIKE Bases, photographs and reports on the current conditions of some of the sites, and information on the NIKE Preservation group, an Indiana group trying to designate NIKE Site C-47 as a historic landmark.
The Detroit-Cleveland Defense Area NIKE Missile Page - Created by Tom Bateman, this page includes the history and information on the NIKE sites built to defend the cities of Detroit, MI and Cleveland, OH. According to the site, it will also contain the history of ARADCOM and of the NIKE missile program. Detroit and Cleveland had their own separate defense areas until 1968.
Tom Vaughn's recent pictures of abandoned US Nike bases. Also there are some vintage pictures of Nike people and bases.
Charles Carter's website is to honor the men of the U.S. Army Air Defense Command (ARADCOM) who proudly served in South Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis and those who followed to stand guard over America's southern shores for the next seventeen years.
Link to German History of NIKE Ajax / Hercules - This site was developed by Rolf Goerigk, a former maintenance man of a German Air Force Nike unit. Rolf has assembled a lot of the history of Nike in Germany, manned by all nations. Lots of information and memories here!
Belgian Air Force Nike (French) - Daniel Rossion says his Nike website is "mainly for NIKE French-speaking friends and freaks."  But, he does have some English material and all the photos are universal.
Belgian Nike Air Defense (Flemish) - Christian Van Hevele has produced a website using the other Belgian launguage, Flemish, but a part is in English also.  This site is meant to be a remembrance, in respect of the people who served in the units of the Belgian Nike and took part in the history of the Belgian Air Force!
see also 69th Ordnance Company - Dedicated to the former Officers and Enlisted Soldiers of the 69th Ordnance Company (diactivated) Site Pluto, Longare, Italy.
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