sixty fifth Air Defense Artillary Seat Cover

Greg Brown contributed this picture of a mess hall chair cover that was used at LA-88. He was stationed there from 68-71. He says: "I donated this article to the NPS SF-88 site some years back. It was recently [2014] returned to me by NPS. This may bring back a memory to anyone who was stationed there."

Nike Missile Veterans

The Nike Historical Society is looking to help the National Park Service with soldier’s memories of what it was like to serve on a Nike Missile Base. I know all of us have stories to tell; some good and some bad, on the day to day life and duties of serving on a nuclear armed base. What we are asking for is whatever you would like to share, to be held for future reference, to tell our story. Your story can be short or long, no matter. Just email the story to me and we will publish it on our web site and see to it that it is archived for all future generations to read and understand the commitment we served by, and the funny stories of stuff we did to lighten the burden. Please take some time to send us your experiences. Let us know the base you served on and your name with address along with your great story. Also let us know what address or other identifying information you want published. Thank-you for your service and your story.

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Sept. 7, 2014: Greg Brown contributed this picture of a mess hall chair cover that was used by C battery 65 ADA at LA-88.

Friends of Nike Site Summit needs your donation to help it leverage a $20,000 matching grant from the Rasmuson Foundation.

May 29, 2014: Donald Yarbrough writes an update on the 3rd/71st ADA Battalion Reunion.

Buy a launcher site! SL-40L will be auctioned July 12, 2014. The sale will benefit the Beck school district.

April 19, 2014: Kelsey Picken and Joseph Harper are the creators and administrators of the Cold War: L.A. website. Their website brings together many historical aspects surrounding the Cold War period.

March 13, 2014: Ted Swanson sent photos of work to recover an exclusion area gate.

Feb. 16, 2014: This exchange between Richard Brody and Mike Kelly highlights actions in October, 1969, designed to make the Soviet Union believe that President Nixon was willing to attack them.

24 Dec, 2013: SP5 R. Alderson describes his contentious interaction with a man who later earned a Nobel prize.

6 Oct 2013: Eric Muth has sent stories of interest to all, but especially relevant to sites BR-04 and BR-17.

U.S. Army film overview of the Nike Hercules system for the American public. 27 minutes.The Nike Historical Society presents this United States Army film The Nike Hercules Story. This is an easy introduction to the Cold War and the Nike System for those who know nothing about it, and an interesting look back for those who lived through it. Make yourself comfortable- it's 27 minutes long.
Health Effects Due To Nike Service

Where you can discuss the possible effects on health from exposure to fuel components, defoliants, cleaning chemicals, radar, etc.


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