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  1. The Nike Hercules Story (27 minutes)
  2. Introduction to the Nike Hercules System (22 minutes)
  3. Operation Hole Card (7 minutes)
  4. (Hercules) Unpacking, Inspection, and Fin Installation (30 minutes)
  5. (Hercules) Hydraulic Pumping Unit, Air and Oil Servicing (30 minutes)
  6. (Hercules) Preparation of Warhead and Forward Body Sections (30 minutes)
  7. Interconnecting Vans, Radar, Launchers, etc. with Cabling (10 minutes)
  8. Nike Hercules Missile and Launching Area Daily Checks and Adjustment (19 minutes)
  9. Several Nike Ajax Launches (1 minute)
  10. Nike Hercules Launch and Target Intercept (2 minutes)

Just to refresh your memory, my name is Gerald Browning. I was stationed at Site SF-88 from Jan. 65 until Oct. 67. While there I participated in making three army training films. You had one of them, "Forward Body Section," on the web site for a while. Well, I just found another one of the films. Below is the link to it. It is an overview of the entire American Air Defense System. It begins with the Herc at 9:34 into the 28 minute film. I appear at 11:23 bringing a missile up on the elevator. I am the one standing beside of the E-5. The gentleman who narrates this film is a famous actor, but I can't remember his name. The title of this film is Big Picture Army Air Defense Command (ARADCOM): The Inner Ring...
Our Town: SF-88L (4 minutes, tiny format, video © 1997 KTVU provided by KTVU Our Town Logo)